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Speed Control, DC, 1/8 to 2HP, NEMA 4X

Shunt Wound Volts 100/200, 1/8 to 2 HP, Voltage Output 90/180, Input Voltage 120/240, NEMA 4X Suitable for Corrosive Enviroments, Speed Range 50:1, Speed Regulation +/-1 Percent with Armature Voltage Feedback, +/-0.5 Percent with Tach Feedback, Current/Torque Limit Adjustable, Accepts Tach Feedback Yes, Max. Amps 10, Dynamic Braking No, Linear Acceleration Adj., Linear Deceleration No, Rotation CW or CCW, Power On Light No, Protection Type Fuse, IR Compensation Yes, Follower Circuit 4-20mA, Mount Type Surface
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13A944 Speed Control, DC, 1/8 to 2HP, NEMA 4X
Item: DC Variable Speed Control
Shunt Wound Volts: 100/200
HP: 1/8 to 2
Voltage Output: 90/180
Input Voltage: 120/240
Enclosure: NEMA 4X
Speed Range: 50:1
Speed Regulation: +/-1% with Armature Voltage Feedback, +/-0.5% with Tach Feedback
Current/Torque Limit: Adjustable
Accepts Tach Feedback: Yes
Max. Amps: 10
Dynamic Braking: No
Linear Acceleration: Adj.
Linear Deceleration: No
Acceleration Adjust (Sec.): 0-10
Rotation: CW or CCW
Power On Light: No
Protection Type: Fuse
IR Compensation: Yes
Follower Circuit: 4-20mA
Mount Type: Surface
Style: Enclosed
Height (In.): 7.25
Depth (In.): 2.75
Width (In.): 5.53
Operates On: 50/60 Hertz at +/-10 Percentage Rated Line Voltage
Provides: DC Variable Speed Control In a NEMA 4 Washdown Enclosure with Ability to Follow a 4-20mA (Auto) Signal or Local (Manual Speed Pot)
Operating Temp.: -10 to 45 Degrees C
External Switches: Auto/Off/Manual
HP @ Higher Volts: 1/4 to 2
HP @ Lower Volts: 1/8 to 1
For Use With: DCPM and Shunt Motors
Agency Compliance: C-UL US
Альтернативная продукция:
6Z386  253G-200E
Variable DC Speed Control, Output Voltage 90/180 VDC, Shunt Wound Voltage 100/200 VDC, Power Rating @ Lower Voltage 1/8-1 HP, @ Higher Voltage 1/4-2 HP, Input Voltage 120/240 VAC, Speed Range 50:1, Maximum Current 10.0 Amps, Enclosure NEMA 4/12, Adjustable Acceleration, Torque Limit, Current Limit, IR Compensation, Deceleration Fixed, Accepts Tach Feedback, Additional Switches On/Off, Fuse Protected, Length 7.25 Inches, Depth 2.75 Inches, Width 5.53 Inches